Learn About the Dangers of Solodyn Side Effects

Is Solodyn® a Dangerous Drug?

Lupus, hepatitis, and vasculitis —
the risks you didn't know you were taking.
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Solodyn® Side Effects Symptoms
Dangers of Solodyn Acne Drug

$200,000,000.00 A Year.

The amount Solodyn® manufacturers
make by misleading you.
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Profits vs Patients The Cost of Safety
Symptoms and side effects of Solodyn acne medication

Financial compensation.

Victims of Solodyn® fight back.
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Court Cases Representing Victims
Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona that help victims of Solodyn.

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Victims of Solodyn® may be entitled
to compensation for their injuries.
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Your Lawsuit What To Expect
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Due to the drug maker's misleading statements about the side effects of Solodyn®, hundreds of individuals have sustained irreparable damages. If you or a loved one suffered from lupus, hepatitis, or vasculitis from taking Solodyn®, act now by requesting your free consultation—you may be eligible to receive financial compensation.